To submit Biospecimens to IBRH3AU Biorepository, You are required to provide information about the study that generated the Biospecimens, information about the Biospecimens and the Biospecimen Donors using the list of forms below.

Form 1 (Study Level Information) is filled and submitted once for all biospecimens associated with a particular study,

Form 2 (General Biospecimen/Sample Information) can be filled once if you are submitting a bulk of samples under the same study with the same Study Code/ID and when all other Biospecimens descriptions are the same, but in case of differing sample details as per the required fields (check form) you are advised to enter each Biospecimen individually NOT as in bulk/ whole group,

Form 3 (Individual Donors Information) for each biospecimen submitted, particular donor information is required as seen in the entry form for Donors Information. Form 1 and 2 can be filled and the information therein remains and details in form 3 altered if the study level information and general biospecimen details are the same

Form 4 (Shipment Notification Form), After successfully preparing your shipment make sure you provide the necessary shipment details here. You can Download H3 Africa BioRepository Deposit MTA.

  1. Study Level Information
  2. General Biospecimen/Sample Information
  3. Individual Donors Information
  4. Shipment Notification Form
(3). Individual Donors Information
1. Enter Study Code
2. Donor ID / Patient ID
3. Biospecimen / Sample type
4. Enter Donor Age
5. Select Donor Gender
6. Survey Record of participant
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